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Top Lolitas

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 18:46:09 -0700 (PDT)From: Xavier Fox Subject: Down at the CreekI was running through the rows of tree, running while branches scratches myface and my lungs. Wasn't thinking, just running. Spending the summer at mygrandparents tree farm had been miserable, with the only upside being anice forest to get lost in. The farther in I got the larger the trees got,and less evenly spaced. There were plenty of nooks to hide in. Plenty ofopen patches too where they'd forgotten to plant new trees. Sometimes I'dcatch a deer in the open patch, especially down by Top Lolitas the creek. If I chargedout of the brush they'd run, so I'd find a nice shady spot where I'd sitstill and hide. The summer got hot, though, and sitting still that long I'dget soaked with sweat. There was a creek right there, and nobody around, soI'd strip and jump in just to cool off. Since I never brought a towel, I'dlay on the rocky bank and sun myself dry.A month went by and I got to thinking of the tree farm as my own. There wasplenty of help up near the house, my grandparents had livestock and kept acouple cowhands around, but they never went into the woods. The big, gruffmen working shirtless in the field got me flushed and scared, so I'd run tomy woods. I'd strip by the banks and wait for deer to pass. I was hiding inthe shadows of a big oak, waiting as still as I could, when Paul burst outof the woods.Paul was the big handyman. He towered over me, and had a thick silvery peltcovering his chest and back, arms and legs, everywhere I could see. At thatmoment I could see a lot. He was wearing nothing but his shoes and cutoffshorts. And I was buck naked. The sun was blazing, so he must not have seenme in the shadows because he spread out a big orange towel and dropped hisshorts. His pubes were so thick and Top Lolitas black, and his heavy cock dangled overa pair of huge furry balls. I couldn't breath, let alone move. Didn't daremove. Must have been twenty feet away. I could swear it was his musky scentmaking my head spin. I hoped maybe he'd fall asleep and I could sneakaway. When he stretched out in the sun and closed his eyes, I stillcouldn't move. I couldn't take my eyes off his thick muscles, or the wayhis chest swelled with his steady breathing. Eventually I got a camp in myleg and had to move. A twig snapped, and his eyes cracked open."Holy!" he shouted as he jumped up. There was nothing to do, he was caughtlounging around naked. So was I. I wanted to shrink into the dirt anddisappear. He just laughed and shrugged, caught."How long have you been there," he asked in his gravely voice."An hour." I said."Well shit," he said. "You found my watering hole. No need to hide there,ain't no girls around."Girls were the last thing on my mind. Until then my heart was beating toofast to to anything. Now that I knew he wasn't going to yell, or chase me,or beat me up, the blood rushed Top Lolitas out of my chest and headed south. I didn'tdare step out of the shadows. Instead, I sat cross-legged on the shortgrass by the tree."Don't want to get burned." I said.He laughed and laid back down. He brought a bag, I noticed after he startedrooting through it. It was loaded with -- I wasn't sure, but he brought outa bottle of sunscreen."Have some if you want," he told me, offering it if I dared step close. Icouldn't say no, and prove that I was lying. I scooted over, trying tocrab-walk so wouldn't have to stand. He caught me anyway, standing stiffagainst my own will. His thick beard twisted into a deep smile, and I couldswear his red cheeks blushed a little. He looked away, which was suchrelief. I considered running back to my shadow, but thought it might besafer to stay there in the sun where I could keep my knees against my chestand hold my rebellious parts in check.The sunscreen got me gleaming in the Top Lolitas sun, which I didn't like at all. Paulstretched out beside me, but I noticed his breathing was no longer deep andsteady. My eyes couldn't help but follow the treasure trail down his bellyto the beast coming to life in his thick pubes. It writhed and grew, untilPaul rolled to his side to block my view. I held my knees to my chest,praying he didn't notice me staring.Lord knows how long we sat there. Long enough for me to calm down and thinkabout grabbing my clothes. They were on the other side of Paul, too far toreach without standing up. Not that I dared reach across his body in anycase."So why do you hide out here?" he finally asked me, rolling over and makingme look at the water. "I thought you're supposed to help your grandpa.""I do!" I insisted. We both knew it was a lie. I hadn't been much help. "Iwant to, I'm just -- scared."The words just blurted out before I could catch them. Paul sat up, the heatrolling off him and onto me. He stared at me until I was looked deep intohis steely eyes."Scared of what?" he asked. I looked down at his arm, now close to mine. Ilooked at how his was covered with fur while mine was hairless. How his wasmeaty and dark while mine was thin and light. He saw what I was seeing andmoved his arm to cradle mine, bringing the contrast into ever sharperfocus."Muscle's got to be earned," he told me."I'm not afraid of the work," I told him."Then what? Are you afraid of me?"I turned away, and he laughed openly. One meaty hand slapped my shoulder,knocking me off balance. Without thinking, I put an arm around his waist --my fingers slid through the thick fur above his ass, grabbing Top Lolitas hold to histhick thigh. I would have wrenched myself away, but his strong arm waswrapped around my shoulder, holding me tight."You don't need to be scared of me," he said, looking me in the eye withthe gentlest smile. "I'm a pussycat."He eyes were so close, pulling me in. His beard brushed against my smoothcheek, and I Top Lolitas felt his soft lips kiss my temple. He held me like that untilI remembered how to breath. Until my body unclenched, one joint at atime. I looked up again into his eyes. Looked at how his thick lower lipmade a line in his beard. I leaned up and my own lips found their way pasthis bushy mustache and to his own. Paul kissed me. First just a pressureagainst my lips, then his thick, strong tongue worked its way passedthem. He filled me with ever deepening lunges. There was no rush as heexplored my tongue and learned the contours of my mouth. He eased his wayin, and in the swooning bliss I found myself flat on my back laid outbefore him. Everything was exposed for his roving hands to inspect. Myshuddering chest, my throbbing cock. He rubbed a hand down my belly, combedmy pubes with his fingers, and took a firm grip on my manhood marveling athow straight and tall it stood.The world swam before me as Paul turned himself around. His pits passed bymy nose, dizzying me with his musky odor. Then his long flank filled myvision. I couldn't see what he was doing down there. Didn't have a clue,except that now I could run my fingers through the thick fur of his back. Icould explore his firm ass with both hands, and it made the tip of my pricktingle with fire. Then my hot cock fell into an ocean. I would have shotright then, except his clamped down on the base of my cock with a roughgentleness that kept the surge from exploding. When the throbbing subsidedhe eased back up Top Lolitas -- a tingling shooting down my legs and up my spine at thesame time. He chuckled, and I could feel it vibrate though my shaft andinto the core of my being. He worked on my rod slow and rough for god knowshow long. He'd take me whole, burying his nose in my balls as I throbbeddown his throat, but he'd never give me release. I'd grab his head and tryto force him down faster, try to thrust into his waiting maw, but each tryjust made him chuckle, and each chuckle shook me through and through.Slowly, so slow that I didn't even notice at first, he worked his wayaround to stretch out before me and throw my legs over his shoulders. Hesucked the salt off my balls, and when there was none left he workedlower. Damn, I wanted to grab my cock, but he held my hands firmly in hisfists and wouldn't let go even as he nudged my ass higher in the air. Heate my ass, and I cried out loud. That sharp tongue of his pierced methough and through. It ducked in and out; I squirmed to get away andmanaged only to spread my legs wider. Only when was good and lathered updid he stop and crawl to my knees. Paul still held my hands, knowing Iwouldn't be able to help myself if he let them go. He stretched my armsabove my head and pressed me to the ground. That thick cock of his probedmy inner thigh, sliding though the sweat of my own pubes. I squirmed andthrust against him as his tongue once more filled my mouth. A new Top Lolitas scentconsumed my Top Lolitas senses, and I realized it was my own clinging to hisbeard. Paul backed off enough to look me in the eye, hold Top Lolitas me still with hisgaze. He slipped down just the tinniest bit and his cock dropped between mylegs. The hot tip of his shaft brushed against my pulsating hole. He keptit there, pressing against me, probing my self flesh without going furtheruntil I was ready to scream some more."Don't fight me," he told me. "It'll hurt if you fight me, and I don't wantto hurt you."I locked my legs around his waist and strained to pull him in, but hewouldn't budge."I won't until you're ready," he told me, those gray eyes looking down onme. I beat his chest, but he took my hand held my thumb in his teeth untilI stopped flailing. I twisted and turned to press him closer, but hewouldn't move. Finally, I fell back, nearly spent. I felt my last musclefinally relax, and that's when he began to move. It felt like a mountainsliding into me. Confused at first, I tightened and fought against it, andPaul backed off. I learned how to relax, and when I breathed deep againPaul pressed against me. I could feel his sweaty thigh rub against mine. Icould feel his rough hands pinning mine down. But that primal force tryingto pierce me had to be more than just a man. I was scared. Sharedshitless. I looked deep into his eyes, steadied my breath, and stoppedfighting.All at once Paul filled me. I groaned, because there was no room for airwith Paul inside of me. There was no Top Lolitas room for anything but his strength anpower churning up through my belly and out through my lungs. He waspatient, filling me even more with each thrust. Swooning, possessed, hepushed one leg down and spit me in two. He had full access to all ofme. Any part he wanted. He bit the arch of my foot sending sparks throughmy body as his cock sliced me though. Then he rolled me onto my bellywithout missing a stroke. Those strong hands eased me onto my knees. Itried to grab my throbbing manhood, but he still wouldn't let me. His tempowas quickening though. I could feel his force gathering inside me as hepounded my ass. I could feel it like a fire building in my balls. Theslightest spark would cause an eruption. Paul pulled me up, leaning me backas he leaned back. I felt weightless, held up only by the strength of hiscock. His beard tickled my ear as he pounded against me. His calloused handgrabbed my rod, keeping it steady with slow even jerks until my whole bodywas aflame. He erupted through me, he cry mixing with mine as I spewed afountain into the air. Blast after blast shot clear through me, a steadystream of cum that I thought would drain me to a shell.Spent, Paul eased me onto his towel, never leaving me. Those thick armswrapped around me, and I wasn't scared of anything. I made a pillow of hisbiceps, used his fur as a blanket, and as the sun faded I was kept warm andsafe."I expect to get a lot of work out of you this summer," he said before weboth drifted to sleep.
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